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Our Staff

Melvin Coombs

Melvin Coombs is the owner and operator of The Goldsmith, along with his wife, Stephanie Coombs. He began his training through the TAGS program in 1994, training as an apprentice under a local jeweller for 8 years. He now has 18 years experience in the jewellery trade, having worked in various stores throughout St. John's on his path to entrepreneurship.

He is a full-service jeweller, having expertise in all types of repairs, and refurbishments, in addition to handcrafted custom designs. His specialty is the production of diamond-cut bangles and family rings, matching wedding bands, and more. He also finishes and sets all stones in CAD pieces. He is very personable, easy to talk to, and will make the process of designing your piece a memorable and satisfying experience.

Stephanie Coombs

Stephanie Coombs is the wife of Melvin Coombs. While her primary role in the business was initially accounting and advertising, she is now also involved in the design process of custom pieces. Roughly one year ago, The Goldsmith purchased a 3 dimensional computer design program for jewellers, after which both her and Melvin did an extensive training program out of the province. With this amazing engineering software, just about anything can now be made at The Goldsmith. Stephanie continues to learn more about the program every day and welcomes new challenges. With a professional jeweller at her side, the best in quality can be produced, and a lasting heirloom can come to life right before your eyes.

Phui Chong

Phui Chong is no stranger to the retail jewellery industry. She has worked in sales throughout St. John’s over the years, beginning with Birks in 1983. She has completed courses with the Canadian Jeweller's Association, and has had a lot of experience working side-by-side with jewelers. She has worked with Melvin since The Goldsmith opened in 2006.

Phui also has a lot of experience with custom designs, including our new computer designing program. You can come in with your old or worn jewellery, and she can recommend your options. She can help you to figure out what you are looking for in a custom piece, and do up preliminary designs, or bring you straight to the computer screen, where you can see many options appear at the click of a button.

Renata Slade-Styles

Renata Slade-Styles is a valuable new addition to The Goldsmith's staff. She has 18 years experience in the retail jewellery business, and 25 years experience in customer service. She is in-tune with modern designs, and new jewellery trends, and has extensive knowledge of diamonds. She is fully trained in one of our Jewellery Designing Software programs, which allows Renata to design a ring right before the customer's eyes as they watch the computer screen in amazement.



Staff photos courtesy of Paul Sparkes at the Telegram.