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Custom Jewellery - Computer Designed - The Production Process

The Goldsmith specializes in Custom-designed Jewellery. With two different 3-d computer programs, the Goldsmith is now able to offer the most advanced technology in jewellery design.

Whether it’s a matching band, a school ring, or your own signature engraved into a ring, everything is now possible with this amazing new technology. See a picture before it’s made.

You can even add your own sentimental diamonds and gemstones.

Custom creations have never been easier. A custom ring or pendant can now be made in three easy steps.


Custom Creations in Three Easy Steps


1.  Pick a ring you like from our computerized inventory of custom designs.
2.Change the size of stones to suit your preference or budget.
3.Change the size and style of band to match your taste.


Next, Just wait 2-3 weeks and your custom ring will be on your finger!

"To see how we can design your custom piece right before your eyes,  click here to see this demonstration."